Importance of Music in our life

  • Music is one of the most fabulous expressions of the human being because it manages to send immediately different sensations that other forms of art may not. Music is a complex system of sounds, melodies, and rhythms that man has been discovering and elaborating to get a multitude of different possibilities. It is estimated that music has great importance for human beings because it allows you to express fears, joys, feelings deep of various kinds. Music can channel these feelings and make the person reduce their grief or grow their joy depending on the case.
  • Expressions that expose who we are and the culture and traditions that surround us.
  • As with many other forms of cultural expression, music is a way for the human being to express himself and to represent different sensations, ideas, thoughts through him. Thus, music is of vital importance not only for its beauty and aesthetic value but also as a support from which the being human being can communicate with others.
  • Part of what makes us human is music. All cultures, from the earliest civilizations to the most modern ones, create music. In fact, the musical instruments are among the oldest objects designed by the man. There are findings, for example, of flutes of 37 thousand years old and probably even older. If we compare this with the development of writing and reading that has no more than 35,000 years and there are communities that unfortunately still do not practice. We can get an idea of the significance of music in the evolution of society.
  • There are theories that show that music is the evolutionary precursor of language. That it is the bridge between the cries and gestures of primates and our own communication in a more abstract sense.

Music and our brain

  • Neurologists specializing in music state in books “This is your brain in music” that this discipline affects many parts of the vital organ in a deep way. Listening to a cheerful song, for example, can help lift our spirits, while a sad one will have the opposite effect.
    Our brain interprets music in three distinct areas:The rhythm is interpreted by the left frontal cortex, the left parietal cortex, and the right cerebellum.2. The tone is processed in the prefrontal cortex, cerebellum, and temporal lobe.3. Finally, the letter is decoded by the Wernicke area, Broca area, motor cortex, visual cortex and areas corresponding to emotional responses.
    In short, almost all music stimulates our brain and influences the development of intelligence.

Positive health effects

  • In the long term, music plays an important role in our well-being, as follows:
    Children who listen to music from a small age, have the better verbal ability and become more creative and live happier.
    2. Listening to our favorite songs helps to reduce anxiety and reduce stress with all its negative effects.
    3. It is excellent support for pain relief.
    4. It helps to speed up the process of recovery of the sick person.
    5. It makes us more positive people.
    6. Experts say that those who have some type of musical education, have better school performance.
    7. Music is a universal language

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